Journey Home Housing First

Provides a range of support services and for male or female individuals and families to access and maintain permanent housing options with a special focus on Urban Indigenous Peoples who are Chronically or Episodically Homeless.

Journey Home Program supports men and women in the Greater Vancouver Area to find housing and stay housed. The program operates using the Housing First Model – there are no housing readiness conditions required. Once housing is obtained, then wrap-around services are provided to the clients. The program provides the following specific services:

  • One-on-One Case Management;
  • Assessment of Housing Needs while providing several layers of housing support;
  • Connection with community resources, services and referrals;
  • Landlord and tenant information, ongoing support and mediation;
  • Cultural, recreational and educational connections;
  • Access to educational and employment support, as well as life skills development;
  • Emergency living expenses and housing support funds for eligible housing first participants.

Program Success Stories

Before meeting the Journey Home team from Helping Spirit Lodge Society, I was homeless and had very limited options. I am deeply grateful for the support and help (housing, clothes – through donations, food, grocery etc.) I received through the program up to this far. I am now happy and back to my normal life, working and even doing the volunteer work which I am passionate about.”

Patricia T.

“After a few unlucky breaks with my health and with my employer, I found myself homeless for the first time in my life at age 39. For quite a while, I was managing, but just barely. I couch-surfed, booked short-term rentals, and then even shorter-term rentals. Everything felt just out of reach. I tried my best to maintain a normal life. I remained employed, for the most part, of the two years I was without a home. However, I felt things fall away, one by one. I was perpetually exhausted. My anxiety and stress levels were through the roof.

Eventually, I was unable to work. I spend weeks on the streets, scraping by, until I found myself in a 30-day shelter. While there, I was finally able to rest. I had regular meals. I found a new job and I found about the Journey Home Program from Helping Spirit Society. Having never been on Social Assistance, I didn’t have access to a lot of the services offered to those who are. I always felt I needed a little help, a little push, and Journey Home was that push for me. I was on the brink and they pushed me over to the other side.

They helped me secure a safe and comfortable apartment, furnish it, and provided me with groceries to get me started. Today, six months in, I finally have the comfort and security that I was desperately needing. This service was exactly what I needed as someone who was on the fringes but wanting to provide for myself and contribute to society.“

Thank you, Journey Home Program and the team.

Brock P.

Can’t wait to share more pix once my place — even writing that, my place, makes my eyes wet — is fully decked out, thanks to you and Journey Home.
*** HUG***
Enjoy your day and food Karma to you.

Cool. -Ian CW

How to Apply

call 604-874-6629 ex 227 for inquiries