About Us

Helping Spirit
Lodge Society (HSLS)

Is a not-for-profit organization founded as a result of the community discussions and decisions made during community forums through 1990. The United Native Nations originally sponsored the first project and opened an office for the society on February 1, 1990. The organization is dedicated to providing wrap-around services to Women and Children fleeing violence.

The women, children and other clients have access to: First & Second Stage Transition Housing and Programming; Subsidized Housing; and Long Term/Permanent Housing Support (Journey Home Program).

Helping Spirit Lodge Society provides therapeutic interventions to support women moving through trauma, including counselling, acupuncture and massage. This organization primarily seeks to help indigenous women and children but does not close its doors to others.

Helping Spirit Lodge Society has served the Greater Vancouver community for 29 years and has helped thousands of individuals. The philosophy of Helping Spirit Lodge Society is unique in that it addresses the issues of Indigenous family violence from a holistic perspective.

The cycle of violence need not be passed on to the next generation; it can be stopped here. To interrupt this cycle requires both intervention and reconstruction phases. Helping Spirit Lodge Society is active in developing strategies which will confront the issues and determine which direction is to be taken.

The organization’s work is shaped by the belief that it is the Indigenous people who must set the agenda in providing solutions to problems that adversely affect them and their traditionally proud cultural inheritance

Mission / Vision

Helping Spirit Lodge Society is the leading Indigenous women’s organization in the Lower Mainland to alleviate family violence and enhance community wellness through a traditional, holistic approach.

  • To provide safe, protective shelter to Indigenous women and children

  • To provide holistic educational programs for enhancement

  • To provide support and advocacy to Indigenous peoples

Our Code of Ethics



I put people first recognizing their dignity.



I tell the truth. I am committed to being honest.



I am committed to developing the trust that.