Kingsway Sierra

On February 28, 2007, The City of Vancouver invested $6.6 million for the purchase of a 36 unit rental apartment building at Kingsway and Dumfries and leased the building to Helping Spirit Lodge Society. HSLS manages Kingsway Sierra as a mixed market rental facility, with priority social housing for Indigenous women at risk of homelessness, and male or female clients who are episodically or chronically homeless.

Applications can be picked up at 3965 Dumfries Street or faxed to you.

Application Process

  • Determine if you are eligible (see Subsidized Housing Guidelines)
  • Fill out your application
  • Drop off, fax or email your application (will be available online in summer 2012)
  • Waitlist priority and application # assignment
  • Receive confirmation of information
  • It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes to your contact or status information Tenant Selection
  • Vacancy
  • Selection based on criteria

If you are an applicant being considered for a unit or a current HSLS tenant, YOU ARE required to provide proof of income and/or assets in order to determine your eligibility for subsidy assistance as well as your Tenant Rent Contribution.


Listed below are Verification of Income forms applicable to any household member receiving income. Please have the applicable forms completed by whomever you receive your income from (example: Employment Insurance, Band Funding, Employer, Pension or BC Benefits) and mail or fax the forms along with copies of the following:

  • A copy of 3 months of recent pay stubs and or proof of income and employment letter, if applicable
  • Pension cheque stub(s), if applicable
  • A copy of the bank statement and or deposit book (if directly deposited only)
  • E.I. stub(s), and or proof of benefits letter, if applicable
  • The latest copy of a Canada Customs & Revenue Agency assessment confirmation (This is the confirmation of a tax return filed and income declared that is received from the Government of Canada after filing a tax return).

The following forms will be available for download:

  • Verification of Income – BC Benefits Earnings
  • Verification of Income – E.I. Benefits, Sponsored Students, Job Creation Programs
  • Verification of Income – Employment Earnings
  • Verification of Income – Pension Earnings
  • Call for interview
  • Review of applicants

More Information