Journey Home Housing First

Provides a range of support services and for male or female individuals and families to access and maintain permanent housing options with special focus on Urban Indigenous Peoples who are Chronically or Episodically Homeless.

Journey Home Program support men and women in the Greater Vancouver Area to find housing and stay housed. The program operates using the Housing First Model – there are no housing readiness conditions required. Once housing is obtained, then wrap around services are provide to the clients. The program provides the following specific services:

  • One on One Case Management;
  • Assessment of Housing Needs while providing several layers of housing support;
  • Connection with community resources, services and referrals;
  • Landlord and tenant information, ongoing support and mediation;
  • Cultural, recreational and educational connections;
  • Access to educational and employment support, as well as life skills development;
  • Emergency living expenses and housing support funds for eligible housing first participants.